Monday, February 18, 2013

Safety II – Co2 – Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors or Co2 detectors identify the presents of Carbon Monoxide in an area, zone, or room. Co2 is lethal and odorless; therefore, a detector must be installed in any commercial or residential dwelling that utilizes gas or oil such as, garages, boiler and laundry rooms, including apartments. There are five types of Co2 detectors with two variations, indicator and digital. Indicators address the presence of Co2 with a beeping sound and a digital Co2 detector beeps in addition quantifies the amount of carbon monoxide in the air.

The five types include: 1. Screw in, battery operated, indicator, (By a beeping sound) 2. Battery operated, digital read out, 3. Plug in, digital read out, (Plugged into an outlet) 4. Hard wired, indicator, (Battery backup optional) 5. Hard wired, digital, (Battery backup optional)* Recommended

In Westchester, NY it is mandatory for new construction to have hard wired detectors; however, in Yonkers, NY it is mandatory to have a digital read out Co2 detector in all commercial and residential properties. The locations of Co2 detectors are also governed in any residential setting that utilizes gas or oil at their residence. There must be one detector per floor, one per bed room, and one per boiler & laundry room. In a commercial setting that has gas or oil present there must be one Co2 detector installed per floor throughout the building.

Co2 detectors by law must be installed in all old and new construction. It is also law that the Co2 detectors must be replaced every five years. It is highly recommended to check and change the batteries twice a year, or as the time zones changes for daylight saving. Keeping up with your carbon monoxide detectors will save lives. Installations of Co2 detectors are necessary to pass inspection. This is governed and mandatory by law.

Be sure to have a qualified license electrician install any battery or hard wired Co2 detector with a battery backup.

Michael M Muqattash MBA, February 15, 2013.